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quinta-feira, setembro 18

Abraham Lincoln

In his legal practice, Abraham Lincoln was never
greedy for fees and discouraged unnecessary litigation.

A man came to him in passion, asking him to bring a suit
for $2.50 against an impoverished debtor. Lincoln tried to
dissuade him, but the man was determined upon revenge.
When he said that the debtor was not to be put off, Lincoln
asked for and got $10 as his legal fee.

He gave half of this to the defendant, who thereupon
willingly confessed to the debt and paid up the $2.50 thus
settling the matter to the entire satisfaction of the irate

... greedy - ganancioso
... fee - honorários
... bring a suit - entrar com uma ação
... be put off - ser perdoado
... defendant - réu
... thereupon - em seguida
... willingly - voluntariamente
... settling - encerrando
... plaintiff - reclamante

From the book "Read in English" by Rubens Queiroz de Almeida


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