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sábado, setembro 6

Christopher Rivera's

It's only right

All the stories we can tell amongst ourselves
The way I feel proud to hold your hand
The countless times I've spent thinking about our next kiss
The beauteous amatory you have showed me thorough your love
The way your smile gives me amorous ardor

Through your astounding ardent love
It's only right
When I look at you, my body is subdued into a sea of zeal and fervor
Feelings such as these, only you can give me with your dexterity
These feelings should only be felt once in a human's life
And every opportunity you see fit, you give me this feeling
Such elation, such bliss, such passion, feels unreal in my life
But when it's given to me by you, it's only right
These feelings I've never felt before can only mean one thing
It's simple, but yet so complex in a pulchritude matter
This everlasting feeling is love
Sweet luminous, liberating, lively, loyal, ludicrous love
Love has been a conniving, colluding conundrum to me until now
I do not ask myself 'Why?' anymore, it's only right
Your love has opened a new door of an auspicious life
And to return the favor, I will tell you this
You are the rose that exists in my heart
You are the rainbow in my prison
You are the reason why I no longer am being battered by bafflement
You are the reason why love exists in me, it’s only right