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terça-feira, setembro 23

Phrasal Verbs

Quem quer brincar de escolinha?
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Complete the gaps using the phrasal verbs below:

As the parent of a two-year-old child, I can promise you that playing with children can be one of the most delightful and rewarding ways to spend your time, but it's not all fun and games - it can be quite demanding too! Of course, children are very active, and it's enjoyable to watch them ________ in the local park; children seem to run just for the pleasure of running, unlike adults who usually only run when they have to! Because of this, my daughter doesn't really understand it when I tell her I'd like to sit down and rest. One of her tricks is to run towards the park gates because she knows that then I have to _________ her to stop her from running into the road! Another problem is that two-year-old children ________ a lot, which often means that they start crying and need mummy or daddy to look at their injured knee or hand and "kiss it better" (or do whatever is appropriate to your culture). Not all playing is so energetic though. My daughter and I often sit down together and draw pictures, or __________ the pictures in her colouring books. We also love reading stories together. Even if children are too young to read, they usually know every word of their favourite stories - if you __________ new parts of the story they often correct you and say, "No. That's not right!" So, although playing with children is great, it is also very nice to just watch them sleep after a busy day playing!

run around / colour in / make up / chase after / fall over



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