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domingo, setembro 28

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quarta-feira, setembro 24

Mário Quintana's

Idade para ser feliz

Existe somente uma idade para a gente ser feliz,
Somente uma época na vida de cada pessoa
Em que é possível sonhar,
Fazer planos e ter energia bastante para realizá-los
A despeito de todas as dificuldades e obstáculos.

Uma só idade para a gente se encantar com a vida e
Viver apaixonadamente e desfrutar tudo
Com toda intensidade,
Sem medo nem culpa de sentir prazer.

Fase dourada em que a gente pode criar e
Recriar a vida à nossa própria imagem e
semelhança e vestir-se com todas as cores e
Experimentar todos os sabores e
Entregar-se a todos os amores
Sem preconceito nem pudor.

Tempo de entusiasmo e coragem em que todo desafio
é mais um convite à luta que a gente enfrenta
Com toda disposição de tentar algo novo,
De novo e de novo, e quantas vezes for preciso.

Essa idade tão fugaz na vida da gente
Chama-se presente e
Tem duração do instante que passa.

The age to be happy

There’s but one age for us to be happy,
But one time in each person’s lifetime
When dreaming is possible, as well as
Making plans and having enough strength to accomplish them
Despite all the difficulties and obstacles.

But one age for us to be delighted by life and
Live life passionately enjoying everything
Fully and intensely,
Not being afraid of nor feeling guilty for having pleasure.

A golden time when we can create and
Recreate life according to our own image and
resemblance and we can wear all of the colours and
Taste all of the flavours and
Surrender to all of our loves
Unblinded from prejudice or shame.

An enthusiastic and brave time when every challenge
adds as an invitation to the struggle we face willingly
Whenever we want to attempt something new,
Anew and anew, and as many times as it takes.

Such a fleeting age in a person’s lifetime
Is called the present and
It lasts but the present moment.

terça-feira, setembro 23

Phrasal Verbs

Quem quer brincar de escolinha?
Encontrei o texto abaixo no site que está sinalizado no pé do post, assim, quem quiser fazer outros exercícios, clique ali e divirta-se.

Complete the gaps using the phrasal verbs below:

As the parent of a two-year-old child, I can promise you that playing with children can be one of the most delightful and rewarding ways to spend your time, but it's not all fun and games - it can be quite demanding too! Of course, children are very active, and it's enjoyable to watch them ________ in the local park; children seem to run just for the pleasure of running, unlike adults who usually only run when they have to! Because of this, my daughter doesn't really understand it when I tell her I'd like to sit down and rest. One of her tricks is to run towards the park gates because she knows that then I have to _________ her to stop her from running into the road! Another problem is that two-year-old children ________ a lot, which often means that they start crying and need mummy or daddy to look at their injured knee or hand and "kiss it better" (or do whatever is appropriate to your culture). Not all playing is so energetic though. My daughter and I often sit down together and draw pictures, or __________ the pictures in her colouring books. We also love reading stories together. Even if children are too young to read, they usually know every word of their favourite stories - if you __________ new parts of the story they often correct you and say, "No. That's not right!" So, although playing with children is great, it is also very nice to just watch them sleep after a busy day playing!

run around / colour in / make up / chase after / fall over


domingo, setembro 21

Fernando Pessoa's

Como é por dentro outra pessoa
Quem é que o saberá sonhar?
A alma de outrem é outro universo
Com que não há comunicação possível,
Com que não há verdadeiro entendimento.

Nada sabemos da alma
Senão da nossa;
As dos outros são olhares,
São gestos, são palavras,
Com a suposição de qualquer semelhança
No fundo.

quinta-feira, setembro 18

Abraham Lincoln

In his legal practice, Abraham Lincoln was never
greedy for fees and discouraged unnecessary litigation.

A man came to him in passion, asking him to bring a suit
for $2.50 against an impoverished debtor. Lincoln tried to
dissuade him, but the man was determined upon revenge.
When he said that the debtor was not to be put off, Lincoln
asked for and got $10 as his legal fee.

He gave half of this to the defendant, who thereupon
willingly confessed to the debt and paid up the $2.50 thus
settling the matter to the entire satisfaction of the irate

... greedy - ganancioso
... fee - honorários
... bring a suit - entrar com uma ação
... be put off - ser perdoado
... defendant - réu
... thereupon - em seguida
... willingly - voluntariamente
... settling - encerrando
... plaintiff - reclamante

From the book "Read in English" by Rubens Queiroz de Almeida

terça-feira, setembro 16

Machado de Assis'


Por que sinto falta de você?
Por que esta saudade?
Eu não te vejo, mas imagino tuas expressões, tua voz, teu cheiro.
Tua amizade me faz sonhar com um carinho,
Um caminhar à luz da lua, à beira mar.
Saudade este sentimento de vazio que me tira o sono
me fazendo sentir num triste abandono, é amizade eu sei,
será amor talvez...
Só não quero perder tua amizade, esta amizade...
Que me fortalece, me enobrece por ter você.

quinta-feira, setembro 11

Chico Xavier's

Embora ninguém possa
voltar atrás e fazer um
novo começo, qualquer
um pode começar agora
a fazer um novo fim.
Although nobody can
backtrack and do a
new beginning, anyone
can start now
doing a new ending.

terça-feira, setembro 9

A couple of words

Happiness is the reward we get for living to the highest right
we know.
Richard Bach

Knowledge is like climbing a mountain; the higher you reach,
the more you can see and appreciate.

sábado, setembro 6

Christopher Rivera's

It's only right

All the stories we can tell amongst ourselves
The way I feel proud to hold your hand
The countless times I've spent thinking about our next kiss
The beauteous amatory you have showed me thorough your love
The way your smile gives me amorous ardor

Through your astounding ardent love
It's only right
When I look at you, my body is subdued into a sea of zeal and fervor
Feelings such as these, only you can give me with your dexterity
These feelings should only be felt once in a human's life
And every opportunity you see fit, you give me this feeling
Such elation, such bliss, such passion, feels unreal in my life
But when it's given to me by you, it's only right
These feelings I've never felt before can only mean one thing
It's simple, but yet so complex in a pulchritude matter
This everlasting feeling is love
Sweet luminous, liberating, lively, loyal, ludicrous love
Love has been a conniving, colluding conundrum to me until now
I do not ask myself 'Why?' anymore, it's only right
Your love has opened a new door of an auspicious life
And to return the favor, I will tell you this
You are the rose that exists in my heart
You are the rainbow in my prison
You are the reason why I no longer am being battered by bafflement
You are the reason why love exists in me, it’s only right